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Special attention is given to schools.

Toilets are busy there, so a clean toilet there is very desirable.

Toilet blocks have also a longer life when the floortiles stay clean.

For more information contact us: +31-598-785551 or mail to: info@sittopee.info

Sit to pee stickers on toilets at a school

Primary schools and nursery

In primary schools there are often mixed toilets. Especially in nursery groups.

By sticking the stickers and giving attention in a newsletter or information guide children will have the ricght focus. Children often find the sticker nice and seated urination is well remembered. Also they point at each other that you should sit.

Joining Schools

These schools use our stickers on their toilets now:

MGR Bekkersschool, Veendam NL

Obs Piet Mondriaan, Abcoude NL

OBS De Linde, Haren (gn) NL



sit to pee sign